After a fair bit of consideration, here are the classes for each role in Dragon In Ninth Heaven. I’m not completely happy with some of the names, and will likely change them in the future. I’ve gone with two classes for each role, as I believe that the kung fu styles and other customizations available to characters will provide more than enough differentiation.

Striker role:

  • Soldier
    Soldiers are trained formally in a military organization or a kung fu clan. They have a wide range of attacks and may lean towards Defender or Leader as a secondary role. This is the most common class of kung fu warrior, as intense military training is the easiest to find and is often seen as the most prestigious path to power.
  • Assassin (Dragon magazine just used this name, I’ll have to change it)
    Assassins are trained in stealth and silent killing. Their powers focus on doing as much damage as possible, speed and stealth. They have no secondary role. Assassins are naturally feared by the population at large, and will usually hide their profession.

Defender role:

  • Warrior Monk
    Monks are trained in specialist body hardening techniques in monasteries. They are renowned for their ability to withstand punishment and endure the elements. Warrior monks have a mystical side to their training, and have some of the powers of a Controller as a secondary role. Most monks are highly respected for the hardship they endure during their training, and will often be treated well by the common folk.
  • Bodyguard (I want to change this name, no better ideas yet)
    Bodyguards have formal training in personal security and guard duties. They are in great demand by nobility, merchants and banks to protect caravans and the people travelling with them. Schools of bodyguards are common, and some of them are bonded to particular banks or kung fu clans. Bodyguards may choose powers which give them a secondary role as a Striker.

Leader role:

  • Doctor
    Doctors are trained in medicine, acupuncture and alchemy. They almost always study an internal kung fu style and may treat injuries with chi. Doctors are highly respected within the community for their learning, and highly feared in combat for the their dangerous knowledge of the body.
  • Commander
    Military commanders are trained to lead troops in battle. Most towns, kung fu clans an armies provide this training, as they need leaders who can rally their men and provide tactical advice. A commander’s main power is motivation by example, and they are fearsome opponents in combat who often provide a secondary role of Striker or Defender.

Controller role:

  • Mystic
    Mystics study strange kung fu that grants amazing powers. They are usually recluses who focus on the study of their kung fu and the search for immortality. They have a wide range of powers which also cover some of the same abilities as the Doctor.
  • Magician
    Magicians invoke the powers of the gods and spirits to help them. They can control and banish demons and create paper talismans of protection. Most Magicians choose an internal kung fu which complements their magical abilities.

The next step will be to develop these classes more – providing the class features and the basic powers. This will require the kung fu and lightfoot class features to be defined as well.

At some point soon I’ll start to look at races as well. Overall I think the skeleton of the game is nearing completion and it is almost time for the details.


1 Response to “Classes”

  1. 1 Fellhand
    September 17, 2009 at 12:49 PM

    class names…hmm, you said chinese based right?


    Bizzare linkages FTW!

    Anyways, point is, it might be better to base the names off the concepts behind the role, rather than an arbitrary name assigned to them. This would not only give setting flavor, but allows for gradients in rank, with actual titles for it, all once again based off the concept of the role they provide.

    For instance, the Commander class could be reffered to as 首先 “Shǒu Xiān”, meaning “First of All” (yes, it’s an adjective not a title or noun and so not entirely fitting), the Bodyguard role could be 兵痞 “Bīnɡ Pǐ”, meaning “Soldier of Fortune”, And the soldier class actually has a really simple on : 军人 Jūn Rén, meaning “Soldier”

    Sorry if there’s 15 of these, it didn’t seem to be posing the silly things.

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