The previous post talked about chi skills, but I believe that Lighfoot, an important movement power, needs more discussion. Here is the definition of the Lightfoot skill from the d20 version of Dragon In Ninth Heaven:


Lightfoot is a movement-based skill, allowing the user to leap great distances, run up walls and even change direction in midair. The specific powers are:

  • Allows increased move speed, DC 10 for +5 ft. move, DC 20 for +10 ft. move and DC 30 for +15 ft. move.
  • The Lightfoot skill acts as a competence bonus to the Jump skill and removes all limitations imposed on the distance of a jump by a character’s height. Jumps that are longer than a character’s movement speed are possible, and will leave the character in mid air until their next action, when they can finish their movement.
  • Lower body weight, allowing travel over fragile objects (eg. water, tree leaves) and up and down as though they were normal ground. A DC of 20 is required for movement at half speed and a DC of 25 enables travel at full speed.
  • Changes of direction in midair require a skill check with DC 25. If this skill check is failed then the character will immediately drop to the ground.
  • Slow fall, reducing the distance of the fall by 5 ft. per 5 DC.

Only one Lightfoot skill check is required each round, and the character may use any ability that has a DC lower than the skill roll. Activating Lightfoot is a free action.

In the last post I considered adding Lightfoot as a class feature, and commenters had some good ideas about class specific movement powers and the possibility of using a resource to manage how often characters use the powers. Based on that feedback I will handle Lightfoot in the following fashion:

Lightfoot is a feat that is granted by the kung fu class feature. The Lightfoot feat allows access to an at-Will utility Power that gives  a power bonus equal to 5+1/2 character level to any Athletics or Acrobatics check to:

  • Perform an acrobatic stunt
  • Balance
  • Reduce falling damage (trained in Acrobatics requirement is not removed)
  • Climb
  • Jump

And allows characters who jump to always be considered to have a running start and allows them to jump more than their total movement speed in one jump.

Additional lightfoot powers will require the Lightfoot feat, and will include:

  • Movement speed increases (from +2 to +6, including the ability to ignore difficult terrain)
  • Shifting one or two squares as a minor action
  • Wall running that grants higher bonuses to climb checks
  • Short distance teleportation
  • Running on fragile surfaces (water, leaves of tall trees)
  • Finishing movement in the air (very limited flight)
  • Cloud walking (effectively flight)
  • Movement so fast that the character is obscured because of their speed (class specific)
  • Haste (class specific)
  • Displacement (class specific)

Most of these will be feats, and built into a chain so that the lower level powers are required. Some will be class specific powers.

At the moment I will not add Chi as a resource to the game. If I do that, then I think all special attacks should use it as well. In the comics the characters expend their chi to perform powerful attacks as well as fast movement. I want to be consistent in the game, so either a resource is required for both types of action or neither.


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