character creation

Over the next few days I’m going to create the character Proud Leopard.

Proud Leopard is a warrior serving the Heaven and Earth clan, who are a powerful kung fu clan. They rule the surrounding area and have several large towns paying tribute to them, but the clan does not administer the local area directly. He was recruited into the clan at a young age and trained in one of their more common kung fu styles. His skill has marked him for a role in their assault forces which deal with the Black clan, their traditional enemies.

Proud Leopard is a Soldier who practises Lightning Fist kung fu and is an expert in Lightfoot.

In order to create this character I will need to:

  • Define the Solider class (at least up to level 1)
  • Describe Lightning Fist kung fu (at least up to level 1)
  • Create any appropriate Feats for a first level Soldier who wishes to specialise in Lightfoot
  • Ensure that unarmed kung fu weapons and armour have been defined (possibly in the class definition)

I’ll be posting again soon with these details.


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