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Chi Concentrations

Each kung fu style is based on one or two methods of using Chi, called chi concentrations. The full list of these is:

  • Spirit
    • Building Chi
    • Chi Control
    • Focusing Chi
  • Body
    • Power
    • Speed
    • Toughness
  • Mind
    • Awareness
    • Meditation
    • Mysticism

The Chi Concentration exploits available for practitioners of styles utilizing these follow:

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next steps

After reworking the direction of the project I have now written two classes, the Champion and the Guardian. The tasks I will be undertaking in the immediate future are:

  • Revisit both classes to add one kung fu power to each. This is described in an older article, and I missed this part of the design.
  • Create kung fu styles that are applicable to both the current classes. I believe the styles will be:
    • Dexterity-based striker style (Fire Dragon)
    • Dexterity-based style, mobility focus (Lightning Fist)
    • Strength-based striker style
    • Strength-based defender style
    • Constitution-based defender style
  • Move on to the other two classes, the Doctor and Mystic
  • Follow with kung fu styles for those classes

The only thing missing for first level characters at this point will be new feats, specifically ones dealing with Lightfoot. I will include this work at some point in the class design.

I’ll be running a couple of test encounters/games on Myth Weavers, a role-playing website that hosts forums for games and provides character sheet hosting. The hosted sheets are accessible in the forums, so it all works quite nicely.

Once the test games are done and changes are made to the base classes, I will start working up through the levels, adding powers for each class. I expect to keep all the classes at the same level of completion during each iteration.


Research on strikers

While working on the Champion class I made a list of class features from other classes. I’ve posted it here as a comparison of power levels for all the different strikers.

I left Monks off the list because I did not want to make any of the Dragon In Ninth Heaven classes similar to them. Monks have their own specific flavor that I do not want to replicate here.

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The Champion is a striker – a kung fu warrior who has punishing attacks and special stances that grant amazing movement powers. There are several types of Champion:

  • Mobile skirmishers who hit and run
  • Focused fighters who stand toe to toe with their enemies, timing the perfect strike
  • Dirty infighters who explode with a flurry of blows, attacking all around them

This post will be updated in the future to present the full Champion class at first level.

The basics are now after the cut. Powers and some description are yet to be added, but the class features are complete.

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Guardians stand strong in the midst of a battlefield, their iron shirt kung fu protecting them from blows that would kill a lesser warrior. They become the focus of any conflict as their enemies strive to bring them down, only to be broken by the power behind a Guardian’s strikes.

Warrior monks trained in specialist iron shirt techniques are the most common Guardians, and are renowned throughout the kung fu world for their skills. Guardians also come from other walks of life, military or kung fu clans being the most common. Whenever the genealogy of a Guardian’s martial arts is traced they always reach a common source – a warrior monastery.

Guardians fall into two schools of combat, a focus on hard or subtle chi manipulation. This affects the way they protect their allies and manipulate the battlefield.

The Guardian is a martial defender, and may choose powers that cross into the striker role.

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Change of direction

Hi folks,

I’ve been thinking about this project while I was forced to take a break from it. I came to the conclusion that I’ve bitten off too much for a first draft of the game. Going through the character creation process highlighted the problem.

The real issue is that I have created too many classes. Each class requires a lot of work, and then needs to work with several kung fu styles. Although in the long term I would like more classes, for now I’m going to trim the list back.

Here are my current thoughts:

  • Champion – Dexterity-based striker
  • Guardian – Strength-based defender
  • Doctor – Intelligence-based leader
  • Mystic – Wisdom-based controller

The kung fu styles will allow each class to focus further on its own role, or to branch out into others. A minimal set of styles will be:

  • Dexterity-based striker style
  • Dexterity-based style, mobility focus
  • Strength-based striker style
  • Strength-based defender style
  • Constitution-based defender style
  • Intelligence-based style, party utility focus (providing buffs and debuffs)
  • Wisdom-based style, area attack focus
  • Wisdom-based style, movement impairing focus

More styles would give greater flexibility, but I think a shortish list like this will be enough to cover the requirements in play.

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