Change of direction

Hi folks,

I’ve been thinking about this project while I was forced to take a break from it. I came to the conclusion that I’ve bitten off too much for a first draft of the game. Going through the character creation process highlighted the problem.

The real issue is that I have created too many classes. Each class requires a lot of work, and then needs to work with several kung fu styles. Although in the long term I would like more classes, for now I’m going to trim the list back.

Here are my current thoughts:

  • Champion – Dexterity-based striker
  • Guardian – Strength-based defender
  • Doctor – Intelligence-based leader
  • Mystic – Wisdom-based controller

The kung fu styles will allow each class to focus further on its own role, or to branch out into others. A minimal set of styles will be:

  • Dexterity-based striker style
  • Dexterity-based style, mobility focus
  • Strength-based striker style
  • Strength-based defender style
  • Constitution-based defender style
  • Intelligence-based style, party utility focus (providing buffs and debuffs)
  • Wisdom-based style, area attack focus
  • Wisdom-based style, movement impairing focus

More styles would give greater flexibility, but I think a shortish list like this will be enough to cover the requirements in play.


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