Research on strikers

While working on the Champion class I made a list of class features from other classes. I’ve posted it here as a comparison of power levels for all the different strikers.

I left Monks off the list because I did not want to make any of the Dragon In Ninth Heaven classes similar to them. Monks have their own specific flavor that I do not want to replicate here.


  • Fighting style (choose 1)
    • Gain defensive mobility as a free feat (+2 AC vs opportunity attacks)
    • Wield a one-handed weapon in your off hand as though it was an off-hand weapon, gain toughness as a bonus feat
  • Hunter’s quarry
    • Minor action, specify enemy and gain +1d6 damage against them


  • Get combat advantage over anyone who has not acted in a fight
  • Tactics:
    • Cha bonus vs opportunity attacks
    • Bonus to sneak attack damage equal to Str bonus
  • +1 to hit with daggers, shiruken do more damage
  • Sneak attack: +2d6 damage with combat advantage


  • Use eldritch blast as a basic attack
  • Pact
    • Teleport 3 squares when an enemy under warlock’s curse dies, free action
    • Gain your level in temp hit points when a cursed enemy dies
    • +1 to hit in your next turn for each cursed enemy that dies this turn
  • If you move 3 squares, gain concealment until the end of your turn
  • Curse: minor action to curse a target, you do +1d6 damage to them, may mark multiple targets


  • +3 AC to make up for light armour
  • Censure:
    • 2+Dex modifier damage if target moves away
    • +Int bonus to damage for each opponent other than your primary target that hits you
  • Channel divinity power
  • Oath of enmity power – make 2 attack rolls, use the best one. Only when that enemy is the only one adjacent to you


  • +1 to AC and +1 to Reflex
  • Feral might
    • Swift charge power (charge another enemy when an enemy dies), gain temp hit points equal to Constitution modifier when an enemy dies
    • Roar of triumph power (all enemies take -2 to all defences when you kill a foe), when you bloody an enemy, the next attack by you or a party member gains your Charisma modifier to the attack roll
  • Rampage:  make a basic melee attack when you get a critical strike


  • Dragon magic:
    • + Strength modifier to spell damage
    • Use Strength modifier instead of dexterity or intelligence for AC defence
    • Resist 5 to one type of elemental damage, your spells ignore 5 of that resistance
    • +2 AC for the encounter once you are bloodied
  • Wild magic
    • +1 to AC or make a saving throw (random, based on attack roll)
    • + Dexterity modifier to spell damage
    • Push target 1 square and knock them prone on a natural 20
    • Resist 5 to one type of elemental damage, your spells ignore 5 of that resistance, the type is random each time you rest


  • Shrouds: once per round tag the target with a shroud. When you choose to invoke them, they do 1d6 damage per shroud. If the attack misses, remove 1d6 from the total
  • Guild
    • Gain Con in temp hp when you strike an unbloodied enemy
    • + Cha damage to targets who are not adjacent to another foe
  • Shade form: insubstantial
  • Shadow step: teleport 3

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