Warlord class

The Warlord class suits Dragon In Ninth Heaven quite well, with minimal changes.
Adding kung fu to the class as a feature required removing other features (and possibly not enough), but this brings the Warlord class in line with the Champion and Guardian.

Role: Leader
Power Source: Martial
Key abilities: Strength, Intelligence, Charisma
Armour Proficiencies: Cloth, Leather, Hide, Chain, Light shield
Weapon Proficiencies: Simple melee, military melee, simple ranged
Bonus to defence: +1 to Fortitude, +1 to Will

HP at first level: 12 + Constitution modifier
HP per level gained: 5
Healing surges per day: 7 + Constitution modifier

Trained skills: Choose four trained skills from the following list: Athletics, Diplomacy, Endurance, Heal, History, Insight, Intimidate.

Class features: Kung fu, Commanding Presence (inspiring or tactical only), Inspiring word, Iron Shirt, Unarmed combat

Class feature details:

Identical to the Warlord in the Player’s Handbook other than the loss of the Combat Leader class feature.

Kung Fu

The kung fu class feature grants the following abilities:

  • Choose a kung fu style
  • The Concentrate Chi feature, which allows a chi power to be used twice per encounter. These chi powers must be chosen from the powers known by the character. A kung fu style and class grant chi powers for use with this feature.
  • Choose two core abilities of that style. These are based on the way each style uses Chi, and differ for many styles. They are listed as core abilities in the style description. One of these abilities may be a chi power for use with Concentrate Chi.
  • As a character advances in level their specific kung fu style will grant them new chi powers.
  • A kung fu style may provide encounter and daily powers that do not require the use of the Concentrate Chi feature. These may be swapped for normal class powers if desired. They may also be swapped when a character retrains.

Iron Shirt

The Warlord learns several styles of iron shirt training. This allows them to withstand punishment through physical conditioning, but more importantly by focusing their chi when struck. This prevents attacks from causing damage and acts like armour. These armour types may be enchanted, and require a minor action to turn on. There may be penalties applied to skill checks and movement speed when using iron shirt. This is caused by the amount of concentration required to maintain this defence.

All armour types are trained at first level. The types of iron shirt training available to the Warlord are:

Superficial: +2 AC
Light: +3 AC, -1 check
Unarmed combat

The Warlord is trained extensively in hand to hand combat as well as weapons. Their hands and feet are deadly weapons. They have honed these skills until they are the equivalent of a weapon, and may have multiple kung fu weapons. Each ‘weapon’ style may be enchanted like a normal weapon. Changing weapon requires a minor action.

All weapon types are trained at first level. The types of unarmed kung fu weapon available to the Warlord are:

Fast: 1d8 damage, +3 proficiency bonus
Crushing: 1d8 damage, +2 proficiency bonus, high crit


All Warlord powers


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