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Kung fu class features

With the changes in the last blog post there are class features from the Guardian that have been removed totally from the game. These features fit nicely into the theme of the game and would be nice to keep.

These defender class features could be made available by kung fu styles and replace existing defender features if a player chooses to take them. Iron Guardian makes sense for the Golden Temple Bells kung fu style. There is no style concept that fits Silk Guardian at the moment.

The same thing could apply to other kung fu styles and striker, leader or controller class features. The problem with this is that none of the class features for these classes are as consistent as the features for Defenders. The decision about which features to replace is much more arbitrary.

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New classes

Following up from the last post here is a version of the game with classes based on the core books.

The key things in this document are:

  1. Renamed classes based on the System Reference Document (SRD)
  2. Kung Fu class feaures
  3. Weapon and armor techniques fully detailed
  4. The kung fu styles have not changed from the previous version yet
  5. There are some Armor Proficiency feats in note form at the end of the document
  6. Each class will need more fluff to adjust the way their powers look. This will be a little tricky since individual power fluff text is not allowed to be re-written (as mentioned in the SRD)

I’m looking forward to feedback! I think this could be a better way for the game to move forward.


Classes from the core books

As a follow-up to my previous post about using the classes from the core books here is a list of them that I think will fit the setting.

I read through the System Reference Document and the usage guidelines for material there are pretty clear:

To remain in compliance with the GSL, you may not reproduce any running text, statistics block, or table from the Core Rulebooks, nor may you define, redefine, or alter the definition of any 4E Reference.
To remain in compliance with the GSL, you may not reproduce any running text, statistics block, or table from the Core Rulebooks, nor may you define, redefine, or alter the definition of any 4E Reference.

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Interesting idea

While playing a series of test encounters I had an idea – why not use the existing classes in all the D&D books?

Allowing unarmed attacks/defenses for everyone and the choice of a kung fu style that provides powers to swaps out with class abilities could work…

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Terrain effects

In the first test game for Dragon In Ninth Heaven there was an elite foe who threw crates at the characters. The possibility for character powers that used terrain was raised and I want to list a few ideas here for discussion.